The winners of TKT Awards International 2018 in 15 countries have been announced

The award ceremony occurred on the 15th of September in Amsterdam during IBC.

Winners of 2018:

Persona of the Year — Vaha Nazaran, Shant TV.

Project of the Year — Installation of the new play out-complex for Shant TV. Integrator — Innovator LLC.


Project of the Year — TVC upgrades MIR TVR OB van with 4K IKEGAMI cameras. Integrator — TVC.


Persona of the Year — Raymundo Barros, CTO of TV Globo Brazil.


Project of the Year — Installation of IP-intercom-systems of the base of OMNEO. Integrator — Studiotech.


Project of the Year — Construction of OB Vans on IB base for multiformat broadcasting of motoraces ‘MotoGP’. Customer — ONE TV. Integrator — Studiotech.

Persona of the Year — Sergey Pronchenko, CTO of TV and Radio Company ‘Channel 31’.

Project of the Year — The New Studio of ‘Channel 31’. Integrators — DIAS, Acis Distribution, Polymedia.

Persona of the Year — Orozbay Kizi Kayirgul. Director of the public foundation ‘Our Input’.

Project of the Year — Creation of a multimedia informative agency called ‘Speak’. Customer — Public foundation ‘Our Input’.

Project of the Year — Compact All Media Baltics OB Van for Demanding Sports Production. Customer — TV company ‘All Media Baltics’. Integrator — TVC.


Project of the Year — TVC Delivers OB Trucks to Lithuanian National Radio and Television. Customer — ‘Lithuanian National Radio and Television’ company. Integrator — TVC.


Persona of the Year — Sergiu Pascaru. CEO of Pascaru Production.

Project of the Year — Pascaru Production Start-Up. Customer — Pascaru Production.

Project of the Year — Organization of a multichannel VOD-broadcast in UHD format for the TV company ‘NC+’. Integrator — Studiotech Poland.


Persona of the Year — Oleg Kolesnikov. General Director of KCGroup.

Production/Post-Production of the Year — Production hardware-studio complex of HD format. Customer — ‘UTH Russia Limited’. Systematic Integrator — Vidau Systems.

Sports Project of the Year — IBC of FIFA 2018. Producer — KC Group LLC.

Studio of the Year — ‘Time’ program. Customer — ‘Channel One Russia’. Integrator — Studio-Service.

Project of the Year — The Splicing of the ‘All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company’. Customer — The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. A joint project with NSK.

Project of the Year — Modernization of a few OB Vans. Customer — TV company Eumovil Mediapro. Integrator — Unitechnic.

Persona of the Year — Artem Zhilin. CTO of ‘Priamoy’ TV channel.

Project of the Year — Development of the ‘Priamoy’ TV Channel.

Persona of the Year — Iskander Salikhov. Channel ‘Uzbekistan 24’.

A project of the Year — Full update and launch into broadcasting of the TV Channel ‘Uzbekistan 24’. Integrator — BFE


TKT Awards established by the journal TKT («Technique of Cinema and Television», published since 1957) in 2011 and awarded for technical and technological achievements on television. In 2017, the prize became international.




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