Spin Digital released HEVC software encoder for 8k live video

Video codec developer Spin Digital has launched its HEVC/H.265 software real-time encoder designed for 8K live video applications.

Spin Digital has released its new product called Spin Enc Live, a high-quality and high-performance 8K HEVC real-time encoder designed for high-end applications, such as 4K/8K broadcasting and live streaming, using a software CPU-based solution.

According to the company, the new encoder produces quality and compression levels similar to best-in-class offline encoders (typically used for VoD) while, at the same time, providing the performance required for processing 8Kp60 videos in real-time.

Bitrate increase of HEVC encoders referred to Spin Enc Live and encoding speed for 8K videos

The encoder fulfills the requirements of 8Kp60 broadcast and streaming applications, with a stable real-time operation at up to 120 Mbps and a minimum end-to-end latency of 2.96 and 0.75 seconds in its high-efficiency and low-latency modes, respectively. The encoder provides the I/O modules needed for complete applications such as 12G SDI video (and audio) capture, and TS over IP (TSoIP) and chunk-based live streaming (HLS).

Block diagram of Spin Enc Live with SDI capture, HEVC/ACC encoding, and streaming modules

Spin Enc Live can also be used for other applications than UHD-TV including immersive live and 360° video. Real-time operation can be achieved for other video formats with an equivalent pixel rate as 8Kp60, for example, 360° video in 12Kp30 format. As more computing resources become available with new generations of CPUs higher resolutions and frame rates will become possible.


Original: https://spin-digital.com/announcements/spin-digital-hevc-software-encoder-8k-live/


Pictures are taken from spin-digital.com


Short background: Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) is based in Berlin, and operates in an international B2B environment, working with customers and partners in several countries and market areas. Spin Digital develops high-performance video codecs for the next generation of ultra-high-quality video applications.