Lawo unveiled Next-Generation Audio Console Core and new mc² Mixing Console

Lawo unveiled their two bright new stars in the Lawo mixing universe: the Phase II of its A__UHD Core audio engine, and the next generation of Lawo’s compact, feature-filled all-in-one mixer: the mc²36 audio production console.

Both products are designed to deliver maximum output using minimal space, weight, and power requirements. The native-IP A__UHD Core just became Lawo’s new console core for mc² consoles and takes a decisive lead in processing power per cubic centimeter by delivering 1,024 channels of mc²-quality audio processing in just 1RU, also cutting power consumption — a performance that previously required 5x the power and 10x the rack space. The new mc²36 mixer raises the audio production bar by more than doubling the DSP channel count of the original, as well as introducing an ultra-compact 16-fader version that delivers big performance in the smallest mc² footprint.

And a major new feature, IP Easy, makes managing IP network devices simpler and more intuitive.

Christian Struck

Lawo’s new A__UHD Core is a native IP device, designed from the start to work within IP networks and manage networked devices. As such, it is based fully on open standards such as ST2110-30/-31, AES67, RAVENNA, Ember+ and NMOS. And it’s designed for both 48 kHz and 96 kHz operation. “From now on, A__UHD Core will be the power behind all mc² consoles.”, said Christian Struck, Lawo’s Senior Product Manager, Audio Production.

Lucas Zwicker

“When we introduced the mc²36 in 2014, its small form-factor and its price-point quickly made it a favorite with customers we’d never been able to address before – venues like houses of worship, performing arts centers or smaller OB trucks – anywhere a small, powerful live mixer was required,” says Lucas Zwicker, Lawo’s Senior Technical Product Manager, Audio Production.

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Short background: Lawo is an international company based in Rastatt, Germany, specializing in the manufacture of digital mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment. It was founded in 1970 by Peter Lawo, and is currently run by his son Philipp. The company is notable for supplying the audio mixing equipment for the 2012 London Olympics and Nine Network, and for sports events in Asia, North America and Australia.





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