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The TKT Awards award was founded in 2011 by the magazine TKT (‘Technics of Cinema and Television’, which publishes since 1957) in Russia. The ceremony of the award occurs annually during IBC (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Since the year 2017, TKT Awards became international. Now, the winners are picked in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The Aim of TKT awards – the awarding and recognition of the technical services of television channels and movie companies for technical and technological development of their enterprises. For full independence and objectiveness in the selection of the winners, the organizers of TKT Awards have created a unique system of nominating and voting. The Award has no jury.The representatives of systematic integration, vendors, equipment manufacturers and nominate implemented projects and technical managers of customers. The organization committee act solely as the moderators of the voting. This format of secret voting allows to identify truly important events and the most important members of the past tv season.

The winners of TKT Awards in different years have been the leading media-holdings and tele channels of Russia: ‘First Channel’, VGTRK, ‘NTV+’, ‘Match!’, e.t.c., the directors of technical and technological complexes.