Grass Valley’s switchers and GV AMPP SaaS for cloud-based broadcasting

The ability to bring sources in and move signals around purely on an IP network, with minimal delays, is critical in any live set-up. Grass Valley is one of leading companies in transition to IP, including switcher technology, and their Kula and Kahuna production switchers have 40 and 50 GbE interfaces for added flexibility and performance. IP handles everything from HD to 4K UHD,HDR and larger formats, such as 8K, opens the doors to more flexible, cloud-based production. Grass Valley does the whole gamut from single stream on IP, to 12G-SDI for 4K UHD. Also Grass Valley products make it easy for customers to transition to full IP 4K UHD and cloud-based production at their own pace.

A truly distributed model, built around virtualized workflows, means production staff can collaborate from any location – even their homes. Here, the processing equipment is living off-premises and your control surface can float anywhere.

Grass Valley’s GV AMPP, the Agile Media Processing Platform, is the cloud-based SaaS platform for broadcast to fully leverage the power of elastic compute. Using nothing more than a browser on a laptop, this platform empowers you with flexibility to spin up or spin down applications as needed — and to only pay for the services you use — even in traditionally costly live production environments.

Grass Valley’s switchers easily connect to a remote panel or frame, so customers can position one or more control surfaces exactly where they’re needed. A single panel can also control two frames – one local and one remote – which is great for productions operating with a limited staff. Grass Valley’s family of switcher panels – from Maverik to Kayenne – are highly modular. Whether a production is remote or on location, a technical director or operator needs to see minimal impact on their job while they’re punching a show. The solutions are built to make sure that the workflow remains consistent, regardless of where the crew is.




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Short background: Grass Valley (formerly known as Thomson Grass Valley and Grass Valley Group) is a manufacturer of television production and broadcasting equipment . Its product line includes cameras, live production switchers, replay and highlights products, media storage, editing, modular infrastructure, routing, conversion equipment, control, monitoring and automated playout, with solutions sold as hardware, software and SaaS.

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, it was formed by the March 2014 merger of the Grass Valley with Miranda Technologies, which were both acquired by Belden in 2014 and 2012, respectively. In February 2018 Grass Valley acquired Snell Advanced Media (formerly known as Quantel and Snell Group). On July 2, 2020, Grass Valley announced the completion of its acquisition by private equity firm, Black Dragon Capital, from Belden Inc.