Sony’s new 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plugin for creators

Sony's new 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plugin for creators

The 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plugin enables music producers to create their sounds in an innovative user-friendly interface which allows an immersive spherical sound field using the 360 Reality Audio Music Format.

Sony and Virtual Sonics, Inc. have developed a new content creation software called the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite to enable easier creation of 360 Reality Audio content by musicians and creators. The 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite plugin software is compatible with popular digital audio workstation (DAW). Virtual Sonics, Inc., through its subsidiary Audio Futures, Inc., will release the software at the end of this month.

Additionally, Sony and, with distribution by The Orchard, are launching a Creators’ Program, which makes it possible for creators to produce 360 Reality Audio content using the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite and then stream their content.

«Sony’s 360 Reality Audio is a new technology that allows the listener to be transported to a different space.» said Chris Le Monde, Music Audio Engineer, Sony. «The music is all around you like you are completely immersed in it. Never before have you been able to feel certain instruments, or parts are behind you, or above you, or even below you.»

With standard stem files or multi-track recordings from the studio or a live performance, mix in 360 Reality Audio using 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite. Encode and deliver your music in 360 Reality Audio Music Format, a format optimized for music distribution and compliant with the MPEG-H 3D Audio, an open audio standard. The GUI (graphical user interface) is pretty straightforward. After choosing the instrument, you can locate it in the space relative to the object. Check out the video below for a simplified demonstration.




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